Ourika valley & atlas mountain full-day trip from Marrakech: 

One of the most popular day trips from Marrakech is to the Ourika Valley. During this tour you will follow the Ourika River at the foothills of the impressive High Atlas. A landscape like no other in Morocco

Things to see in Ourika Valle

The main attractions in the area are the following:

Setti-Fatma: Setti-Fatma is a small village from where visitors normally depart to see the Ourika Valley waterfalls. You won’t have any problem finding an English-speaking guide when you get to the hamlet.

Ourika Valley Waterfalls: If you like the countryside and hiking this will be your favourite part of the trip. Getting to the first waterfall is relatively easy, but to get to the other six you’ll need proper shoes and be able to scale. If the day is warm enough you can go for a swim in the Ourika river, although be warned that it is extremely cold.

Traditional Berber house:  In theory this visit is to allow visitors to see the traditional Berber way of life and a typical family house. However, once you get there you will see that this experience has become, like in so many, a staging for tourists. Normally the father of the family will welcome you into his house and will make you a mint tea and on your way out, try and sell you handicrafts.

Traditional Markets: The most popular markets in the area are: The Ourika Market (on Mondays) and the Aghbalou Market (Thursdays). If you get to the region through the mountains, you can also visit the markets in Tahanaout (Tuesdays) and in Asni (Saturdays) there are also interesting bazaars.

Ourika Valley
Berber market ourika valley
Berber Village Atlas Mountain